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It’s easy to tell people to “get over it” when you’re the one who started the problem.
It’s easy to play victim and campaign for sympathy instead of admitting you’ve caused someone (or a trail of people) pain and dealing with the consequences to make things right.
It’s easy to show people what you want them to see on social media and in life in general instead of being real all the time. 
It’s easy to move on and manipulate others to gain new allies instead of mending friendships you’ve destroyed.
It’s easy to live in denial and pretend you’ve done no wrong and claim that everything “happens to you” instead of taking credit for being the ringleader of the shitstorms swirling around you.
But just because it’s easy doesn’t mean it’s right.
An honest and authentic friend, even amid their flaws, doesn’t need to lobby others to take sides. That’s only something someone with a guilty conscience does. 
It’s called gaslighting and it doesn’t just happen in marriages and romantic relationships.
Women do it to other women all the time. We’re just not talking about it.
But we should. Because the only thing that puts out a gaslighter’s flame is when they are seen for exactly who they are and we let them know we won’t allow it. 
So, you don’t have to take it. You don’t have to be a participant in a gaslighter’s puppet show. Put the flame out and surround yourself with real and honest women who don’t have to put on a smoke and mirrors show to maintain friendships. Gaslighters gonna gaslight. But authentic is fireproof. You can’t touch real. So just put on your MC Hammer pants and tell the gaslighters, U can’t touch this. 👊🏻

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