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We are more then memes.
We are more than the little snippets of our days we share here. 
We are writers and authors and hustlers.
We are mothers, just like you.
We sit in mind-numbing carpool lines, just like you.
We have kids that won’t eat anything green, just like you.
We forget when school has theme dress up days, just like you.
We are strong and we are weak, just like you.
We also happen to be friends in real life.
We have group texts where we commiserate, laugh and cry about marriage and motherhood and life, just like you.
We lift each other up.
We lean on one another when we must.
We give pep talks following failures and celebrate successes.
We know each other far beyond all of the little squares on our Instagram feeds. 
We’re invested in each other.
We know intimate details of each other’s lives that we don’t share with the world.
We give advice, both personal and professional.
We trust each other.
We respect each other.
We inspire each other.
Although we met right here first before ever laying eyes on each other in real life, we have formed a strong bond built on compassion, love and a whole lot of humor. 
Sometimes people forget all of this. They forget we are human. They forget we are living very real, happy, messy, complex lives, just like you. So, as you scroll our feeds, maybe make a comment or hit the little heart, remember that at the end of each day, we are just like you.

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