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Firsts are the best.
First relationship.
First kiss.
First job.
First house.
First baby.

There’s nothing like your firstborn. Nothing. That moment you become a mom for the first time changes everything. 

And even now, with my first being 10 and sassy AF, I look at her with amazement. How did I get so lucky? She’s smart and strong and funny and beautiful. She’s been a champ, dealing with so many changes in her life – divorce, remarriage, a little sister who can be an absolute beast. 

She is my constant. 

Through so many of those changes, it was always the two of us. I wondered how the hell I could ever love another child and my mom would say, “you don’t think it’s possible, but just you wait”. When her sister was born, I felt whole. 

I have my two happy, healthy girls and it’s everything I’ve ever wanted. I don’t love one more than the other. I never could. But, there is nothing like your first. I think it’s because you’re kind of figuring out parenthood together (not that you ever fully figure it out). But while you’re having your firsts, so are they. You build a camaraderie. You build a bond. They are the only ones who will ever know what it’s like to have you all to themselves before a sibling enters the picture. They teach you so much and it shapes the way you parent. They rock your world.

Because there is absolutely, unequivocally NOTHING like your first.

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  • Roni Jay

    LOVE THIS! I feel this way about my first. I tell her that she was the “experiment” kid. You try and try to see what works. By the time child number two comes along, you at least know what to expect, even if the same methods don’t work…it’s like you’ve been on this roller coaster ride before and you know when the turn or dip is coming. Your first makes you a mama and you finally know the definition of TRUE love.

    • Rachel Sobel


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