With two kids, a full-time writing career, carpool, lunches to pack, dinners to make, laundry to fold, it’s a miracle when I can get myself together beyond the stereotypical yoga pants momiform.

If I have even a coat of mascara on, my 8-yr-old starts the interrogation me to figure out where I’m going because she thinks I’m “dressed up”. She’s on to me.

So, because my days and nights often bleed into each other and I’ve always got a kid on my hip, I usually skip the jewelry. Other than my engagement/wedding rings, a small pair of diamond studs, and the obligatory kids’ names dangling from my neck, I got nothing. Part of it is, self-admittedly, that I feel way to lazy to accessorize, and part of it is that almost every other piece of jewelry collecting dust in my closet is something more appropriate for special occasion like a black-tie event, not something I’d just throw on to add some pizazz to my workout attire that I do not actually work out in.

But then, I found the holy grail of jewelry that marries form and function in the way of the coolest bracelets ever – Victoria Emerson Design. Whether I’m in pants with an elastic waist, or skinny jeans and spikes, they just work. They’re also perfect while I’m schlepping a 6-month-old around because there are no sharp parts or things that can scratch her.

I had to exhibit true self-control when scrolling through the site. I could have added ALL the things to my cart, but I settled on three (for now) and I can’t get enough of them.


This bracelet features rose crystals on gray leather. It’s both funky and feminine and I felt like it adds just the right dose of girly-ness to any outfit.


This lava stones and silver skulls on black leather wrap bracelet screams my name. I always like to say, I’m a little bit mom, a little bit rock and roll. I’m the mom wearing the skull & cross bones off-the-shoulder tank to the PTA meeting so this is me to a T!


I love EVERYTHING about this Sochi boho cuff. Everything. There are so many different textures and elements and they all come together to make a bracelet that is equal parts sexy and fun. It also has the standard (and gorgeous) Victoria Emerson magnetic clasp.

And thank god that layering is in, because sometimes it’s just too hard to make a decision.

You can’t go wrong with any of the wrap bracelets and cuffs. Wear them alone, mix, match and layer. Pair them with joggers or jeans. The possibilities are endless, fun and just oozing style, especially for all the moms out there who could use a little inspiration to accessorize REALISTICALLY!

And, I even have a special link for all of my readers to get 30% off your order. Use this link (or copy and paste this into your browser – http://victoriaemerson.refr.cc/rachelsobel) and have fun shopping. I promise you are going to want more than one.



Rachel aka Victoria Emerson Fan Girl.