Don’t judge a book by it’s cover, or a woman by a photo. This picture shows a woman who appears to have her shit together and spent the morning speaking on a panel about social media with other badass women. Her makeup is done. She’s wearing real clothes and shoes that are not sneakers. She blew her hair out and got her kids out the door and got there on time.

But that’s not the whole story.

Here’s what really went down…

She woke up at 6am just so that she could shower without her toddler staring at her naked body and announcing every body part aloud as she washed it. 

She worked on getting her older daughter out of bed for more than 30 minutes because she probably stayed up late texting her friends and binge watching YouTube vids. 

She had to blow her hair out in the other bathroom because her toddler was watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in her bed and was screaming because she couldn’t hear. 

She rushed to get makeup on and finish her hair and got everyone fed and dressed while still in a towel herself. 

Just as she was ready to leave the toddler announced she pooped. 

As she was herding her girls out the door, her 10-yr-old looked her up and down and said, “love the jeans, hate the top.” 

She did not eat breakfast or have a single sip of coffee until she was in the car on the way. 

She sat in rush hour traffic with two impatient kids who finally passed out 30 mins into the almost hour-long ride. 

She made at least 3 u-turns because she kept missing the venue. 

By some level of divine intervention she made it with time to spare, shoved a few pieces of cheese, a spoonful of yogurt and 3 almonds in her mouth before the event started and she had to be “on”.

But, even with all that chaos, she knew that this was indeed, exactly where she needed to be. Not just literally, but figuratively as well. 

Because moms are master fucking jugglers. We get shit done. Even frazzled and stressed, we make it happen. It’s in me. It’s in you. It’s in that maternal DNA, whether you are a SAHM, or you work full-time. It’s there. I promise you that you’ve got this