From my television notoriety on MTV’s The Grind, to whether you should allow your kids to curse, to all things #bachelornation, Chris Heller and I covered it all on this episode of his podcast, Talkin’ Ish. And let me tell you, it was a delight.

It’s equal parts a really chill therapy session and a peek into what has shaped my life as a writer and mother.

Take a listen…with ear buds because if the worst thing your kids have heard you say is “H E double hockey sticks” or “Sugar Honey Iced Tea”, I don’t want to get in trouble. ????????‍♀️



Rachel is a blogger, writer, published author, and speaker. She believes strongly in sharing the good, bad and ugly of motherhood instead of the alternate reality some like to perpetuate. She’s a contributor for PopSugar, Today Parents, and has been featured on ScaryMommy and HuffPo, among others. Rachel hides from her kids in her closet every Monday night where she records a Facebook live show commiserating with other parents about all things motherhood. But really, her biggest accomplishment is regularly doing the obscene amount of laundry created by her husband and two daughters and keeping everyone in clean clothing.

In this episode we get into Rachel’s decision to leave the corporate world and follow her passion as a writer. This led to a successful blog and now an active Instagram account under the moniker whineandcheezits. Rachel now balances life as an influencer with motherhood, and shares the adventures along the way. 

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