May is all about girlpower. I mean really every day is. But in May we celebrate Mother’s Day, which I love to celebrate as a mother AND a daughter to the mother of all mothers.

One of the biggest lessons my mom taught me growing up was to be strong and not take shit from anyone. I had many moments in my life where I did NOT take that advice – personally and professionally – and it only reinforced how truly important it is to develop and maintain a strong sense of self and not let people knock you down. Because they will try.

Now, with a daughter of my own, I realize that it’s on me to help her become a strong woman one day. It’s so important, especially with the abundance of mean girls and bullies out there. I want her to always be confident and stand by what she says and does. And that’s what my May article for Lifestyle Magazine is all about.

So, let’s raise awesome little girls who turn into even more awesome, strong, confident badass women. Who’s with me?