I could have posted a perfectly posed family photo. One with everyone actually looking at the camera, perhaps even smiling and wearing matchy clothes that aren’t stained. The perfect picture of the perfect family to participate in #internationalhappinessday .

But that’s not real life. At least not mine. 

Everyday I walk around cleaning up after everyone who lives here but my house is never the way I want. On any given day one of the dogs has used my floor as a toilet or puked on the rug. I cook multiple meals for both children who have zero interest in eating anything ever. My husband works long days and by the time he gets home I’ve usually developed a nervous twitch. My to-do list feels like quicksand many days as I’m adding more items than I am checking off. Almost every day, I am basically rocking that cliche “mom uniform” consisting of some variation of work out gear. I end up at the grocery store at least three times a week sometimes because I’m constantly forgetting something. I’m overworked, sleep-deprived, and the bags under my eyes are obscene. 

Yet, I’m happy. 

The happiest I’ve ever been actually. Because even with the constant pandemonium, my house is overflowing with love. Admitting your chaos doesn’t mean you’re not happy. It’s possible to have both. It’s real life to have both. Happiness is not black & white. It’s personal to you and should be celebrated no matter what it looks like.