Having someone’s back doesn’t mean you always agree.

It doesn’t mean they are always right.

It shouldn’t be one-sided.

You can’t half-ass it. You’re either all in or you’re not.

But, in my opinion, having each other’s backs is key to a solid relationship. I’ve been in one-sided friendships and relationships both personal and professional. I’ve had friends only concerned with themselves. I’ve worked with people who would push others in front of a moving car if it benefitted them. 

And you know what? It sucks. It hurts. It’s not ok. 

After my divorce, I married a man who has my back and I have his 100%. Professionally, personally, with family, with friends. It’s a united front. It doesn’t mean we always share the same exact opinion or perspective, but it does mean that we unequivocally put each other first. It does mean that we provide unwavering support for one another and this dynamic trickles down to our kids too. It does mean we can voice our opinions about any situation but regardless, we are in each other’s proverbial corner. 

Life is not inherently a walk in the park , but this one thing makes it much easier than if you operate independently only worrying about your own agendas. Be with someone who has your back and vice versa. This man has been on my side since day 1 and I’ve been on his and we have never looked back.