I am not shy about wanting everything in its place. I frequently talk about how Type A I am and how it’s a constant struggle in a house where I am the only one who cares about anything being organized. I’ve been known to go as far as to post passive aggressive pictures/comments on social media to get my family to mobilize and put the dishes or their shoes or ANYTHING away.

It’s in my DNA. No seriously…my mother makes me look mild.

You see I was the kid who got immense pleasure out of setting up my backpack and pencil case the night before the first day of school. The Container Store is like a crack den for me. So, when I received an Everything Orgo Travel Organizer in the mail, it was like Hanukkah came early.

First of all, I feel like when you hear the word “organizer” the last thing it conjures up visually is gorgeous. But this one? It’s gorgeous. While there are a variety of colors/prints, I got the Rose Luxe. It’s a really pretty and feminine snakeskin textured print in pink and nude hues and it is right up my alley.


There are two separate compartments attached by a base that allows you to swivel the two parts out, which makes it perfect for a vanity if you are using it for makeup.


Both of the compartments have a ton of nook and crannies for “stuff”. The pieces are also removable if you’re looking for more space or don’t want to be restricted to the shapes/sizes they provide for storage.

Naturally my first inclination was to use it for makeup. I had a typical acrylic organizer in my drawer and it worked but got messy pretty quickly and I found myself constantly cleaning it and taking things out and purging. Like a lot! I looked at the Everything Orgo and thought there is NO way this is going to hold my stuff.

Then this happened.

Not only did everything fit, but there were so many intuitive spots that worked perfectly for makeup brushes and tweezers and basically everything. One of the things that I love about it is that I can close it so everything is not exposed when I open my drawer.

I literally flip the sides open when I’m putting on my face and then close it when I’m done. And how great that I can just grab it, zip it up and take it with me if I need it for travel.

Then I started thinking about how I could hack this thing. What could I use it for that would make my life easier and might not be a “typical use”. My light bulb went off as soon as I thought about my 9-month-old.

Babies come with A LOT of stuff. When I go to my mom’s which happens a lot, I am constantly rifling through my diaper bag to get my mom everything she needs EASILY while she is watching her. So I thought, what if I hacked the Everything Orgo and used it for some of the essentials so I could literally hand it over to my mom and say “Byeeeee”?

Pacis, bottles, feeders, food, snacks, spoons, Motrin, It’s. All. In. There. No digging through a diaper bag to find all this stuff. It’s all in one place and it’s a game changer. With my particular bottle is doesn’t close completely flat, but it closed and that was good enough for me.

It’s like a mom hack for a day with the grandparents, or babysitter, or day care.

I really love this product and my only issue is that I need another one so I can keep it for my makeup ;)

I KNOW you will love it too and lucky for you my readers get 10% orders (for a limited time only) using the code RACHEL17.

You’re welcome.