Getting anything done with a toddler hanging from your body is an exercise in futility. Especially prepping a meal, since it involves fire, knives and other things that are not exactly conducive to the whole toddler dynamic.

Before I had kids, and even when I just had one, it seemed much more feasible to curate those instagram-worthy meals. I was like a newly married budding Martha Stewart.

Then I got divorced, played single-mom for a bit, met someone, remarried and had another baby, 2 weeks shy of my 4oth birthday. My culinary prowess dissipated just like my abs.

Now, I’m lucky to get a vegetable in my kids, much less on the plate at all. There are days where I literally burn 3 bagels in the toaster for my older one before I get it right, as I am making a completely separate meal for my other child.

And I know I’m not alone.

I accidentally started a completely real, unfiltered cooking segment in my Instagram stories and even created a highlight reel called “CookingWithRach“, but I feel like more people need to see it. So, I put together a little tutorial right here on how to cook a semi-homemade dinner with a toddler up your ass. 

Disclaimer – if you’re someone who needs exact measurements, I am not for you. I like to wing it.

You’re welcome.

Easy peasy and you will even have leftovers so you don’t have to do this shit again for a couple days!