We are hip-hop obsessed in my house.

While we love hip-hop in general, it’s really 90s hip-hop that has our hearts. My baby shower for my second child was Biggie & Tupac themed.

My kids have enough hip-hop gear to open a small pop-up shop.

Our first family photoshoot was Biggie-inspired.


When asked who is Biggie, my 8-yr-old will quickly clap back with, “The greatest rapper of all time.”

We don’t just love it, we instill it in our children from a young age. I sat with the little belly buds on my very pregnant stomach playing classical music for baby #2 while she was in utero at the request of my inlaws, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t also pipe some Biggie in the womb.

So when people kept tagging me in instagram and facebook posts for The Little Homie’s book – AB to Jay-Z – saying I had to have it…I had to have it.

Reading is also huge in our house. And while I love the Llama and Pat the Bunny, sometimes you need a little more soul. And that my friends is exactly what you get with AB to Jay-Z. It’s so perfect that if I had ever written a hip-hop-inspired children’s tome, this would have been it! And how lucky are we that we got to review it!

Each page dedicates a letter from the alphabet to a rapper. So you trade “banana” for Biggie and “dog” for Dr. Dre. Such a simple concept yet so genius!


The illustrations are great, the pages are perfect for little hands, and the content is spot-on. To take a break from traditional kid’s bedtime stories and start the education of hip-hop AND the alphabet is a win-win. It’s as clever as it is entertaining and it’s for sure our favorite right now.

We will read it cover-to-cover for years to come and I will beam with pride when my little ones say “S is for Snoop Dog, mama!”

To say I am in love with this book is an understatement. But more importantly, I can’t wait to see what The Little Homie comes up with next! They have a fan (read: groupie) for sure and I will buy anything they make. You can get yours here.

If ya don’t know, now ya know.

With love & hip-hop