I have one of those clingy kids.

The one who forces you to do everything with one hand because she just wants to be in your arms.

The one who hangs on your limbs as you’re walking.

The one who tugs on your clothing.

The one who is up your ass with every step you take.

The one who wants to sit on your lap when you pee.

The one who burrows into you when she ends up in your bed.

The one who gets territorial and pushes her big sister out of the way to have you to herself.

The one who hears you turn the shower on and practically rips her clothes off to get in with you.

The one who insists on holding your hand as you’re trying to send an email.

The one who will set up camp on the floor next to you as you brush your teeth.

That’s her. 

She’s attached like a barnacle and sometimes it’s so hard to keep my cool. I struggle with wanting her to come at me like a spider monkey and having some personal space. She’s my last baby and I know everyone will say, “Enjoy it because it’s over faster than you can blink.”

But please don’t say that because I already know. It’s not my first rodeo and I’ve heard all the cliches about how quickly they grow up. I’m literally living it with a 10-yr-old who is proficient in eye-rolling and telling me I’m wrong about everything.

All mothers have limits and should not be shamed or reminded on a regular basis about how quickly time flies. Because we love our kids madly but sometimes need a break from sticky hands pawing at us all day.

But, for now…I will endure the sticky hands because that’s what my baby needs,. I’ll try and take more deep breaths. I’ll try and be more patient. I’ll do the best I can, with no promises because I am human. When you see a mom reaching her limit, instead of pointing out the obvious, try some empathy with a simple, “Hang in there mama! You’ve got this”. It’s so much better ❤️