I took a mental health day from motherhood today. 

Winter break broke me. 

I was immersed for 2+ weeks in two strong-willed, badass little girls, and it completely beat me down. 

So today, the first day back in action with the big one back at school, and the little one spending some time with her grandpa, I had every intention to hit the ground running. Because, isn’t that what mothers do? 

But I couldn’t. 
I physically couldn’t. 

Every part of my body and mind needed a pause. So I said, screw it! I spend my days with both my laptop AND my toddler in my lap. I’m listening to my gut and checking out for a few hours. 

I walked in my bedroom, slapped my face mask on, turned off the lights and took a nap. It was fucking glorious. Then I ate lunch- alone, in a quiet house – while I watched Vanderpump Rules. It wasn’t a fancy spa day. There was nothing luxurious about it. But to me it felt like a little slice of heaven and I needed it. 

Mamas, take that time and find your slice of heaven. A nap, a yoga class, a scoop of ice cream, cheese fries, a manicure. TAKE IT! We give and give and give. So when you need it…just take it. Everyone will benefit. ????????

???? cred: Shelby Truly Photography