How many times a day as a parent do you ask yourself that question?

Is it normal that I let my kid take a two-hour bath just so I can get dinner on the table, feed the baby, answer some work emails and squeeze in a pumping session?

Is it normal that my kid doesn’t want to have a sleepover?

Is it normal that I’d rather snuggle with my babies on a Saturday night instead of going out to an adult dinner and wear real clothes (or vice versa?)

YES! Yes to all of it. It’s all normal and so are you. Unless you are breastfeeding your child before he walks into temple to do the haftora portion of his bar mitzvah. That’s probably not normal…

Take a listen to my guest appearance on the See Me Hear Me Love Me Podcastwith Karen Deerwester. I got to spend the morning dishing with my girlfriends about each of our normals.

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