The kid who sees every question or statement as the opening negotiation. 

The kid who does EVERYTHING in her own time, from potty training to swimming. 

The kid who, if she believes in something enough, will wear me down until I finally give in. 

The kid who refuses to wear a jacket because she’s not cold even though it’s 50 degrees. 

The kid who is laser focused when it comes to memorizing a dance routine or new Taylor Swift song, but has the shortest attention span when it comes to homework.

The kid who won’t eat the three meals she asked for in a 30-minute span, but is hungry the second she gets into bed. 

The kid who swears she brushed her teeth but her toothbrush is still dry and she’s mad at ME. 

The kid who still makes me do her hair in the morning at least 3 times removing any flaws or imperfections. 

The kid who all of a sudden turned into a beautiful tween from a spunky toddler, almost overnight.

She’s tough, stubborn and always right. But, she’s not just THAT kid. 

She’s also the kid who weathered her parents’ divorce at barely 3-yrs-old, never once wavering in her tremendous sense of compassion for others. 

The kid who seamlessly took on the role of loving stepdaughter when I remarried. 

The kid who is fiercely protective and madly in love with her little sister who has a different father. 

The kid who cracks me up and has my sick dance moves. 

The kid who has more imagination and creativity than I could ever dream of possessing myself.

The kid who made me a mom and throughout all of life’s twist and turns has been my constant. My home base.

I love everything about that kid. 

Even though she knows how to push my buttons and can sometimes take every last ounce of my energy and patience, she’s perfect. I love that kid and wouldn’t change a single thing. 

As mothers we love all the parts of our kids, even if it doesn’t feel like it sometimes. We love the good, the bad and the ugly because all of those parts make up the whole. And the whole is pretty damn spectacular.

(???? cred Shelby Truly Photography)