Real girlfriends are my jam because they…

Are not affected by geographical distance.

Dance on college bars with you and hold your hair afterwards.

Are there for marriages, divorces and hold your babies when they’re born.

Stand behind you when you need support, in front of you when you need guidance and next to you when you need someone to lean on.

Don’t judge. Ever.

Tell you what you don’t want to hear when you actually you need to hear it most.

Don’t keep secrets from each other or share yours with others.

Tell you that your ex is an asshole, support you when you get back together, understanding you have to do things your way, and are still there when you break up again.

Hear you.

See you.

Celebrate you.

Console you.

Provide a safe place to let your walls down, recognize your vulnerability and handle it delicately.

Make you laugh.

Are always down to share spinach dip as an app.

Watch your kids and feed them dinner when you have an emergency.

Ruin a picture perfect moment at your wedding with a Frozen bandaid cameo, but somehow that makes it more perfect.

Accept all of you.

Protect you fiercely.

Love you hard.

And you echo the same exact things for them because there’s nothing better than real girlfriends.