These two are madly in love. 

The big one is a fierce protector and the little one mimics every single thing she does. The big one asked me over and over for a sibling from the time her dad and I got divorced. I sat in her bed reading her stories knowing I was pregnant and bursting with joy to eventually tell her. Then I sat in her bed reading her stories, following my miscarriage, with my eyes welling up when she ask me about having another baby. 

Then this little miracle happened and came busting into this world 2 weeks before I turned 40. 

She changed all of us. 

She is a force and has everyone in the palm of her hand. 

And yes, there are times the big one doesn’t want to play and just wants to talk to her friends. There are times her little sister annoys the shit out of her. But then there are moments like this. Where it’s just the two of them left to their own devices and they each take on their respective roles of big and little. 

THIS is what I prayed for. 
THIS is what I always wanted. 

For me. For my husband. For them. 


Sometimes you have a fairy tale fantasy of what your life will look like but have no idea that the reality is so much better.