When did we lose our sense of humor?
Why does everyone take themselves so seriously?
Why is it that no matter what you joke about, no matter how innocuous, someone gets pissed off and goes on a tirade?

Guys….????????CALM ????????THE ????????FUCK ????????DOWN.

If you can’t take a joke and laugh at yourself and others, or find humor in everyday situations, I urge you to try it sometime (along with a good old-fashioned orgasm because you probably need that too if you’re wound so tight you forgot how to laugh).

Life is hard. Parenthood is hard. Marriage is hard. Work is hard. All of it is hard and I have some breaking news….

LEVITY helps. It doesn’t solve world peace or fix political shitshows. But it does lighten the mood and provide a really nice break from all the stuff that bogs us down. So please, for the love of god….take the stick out if your ass and just allow yourself to laugh or even just crack a smile. I promise it’s a game changer.