There are certain things in a marriage that transcend race, culture, and geography. Small, seemingly mundane moments that ALL of us live every day without even realizing that others are literally in the same boat but just in a different house.

These little marital moments are the tie that bind us into a sisterhood. It’s the kind of sisterhood where you give each other that knowing nod of affirmation. Where you comment on each other’s posts saying things like, “same girl, same.”

It happens every day all over the world and there’s proof of it all over social media. I know because I post about my husband and kids, and the shit they do all the time and without fail, these are the posts that get the most likes, comments and engagement. 

It’s like an InstaTherapy Sesh and it’s glorious. 

Presenting, five times marriage was relatable AF in 2018.

  1. The black hole of miscellaneous clothing your spouse leaves in a heaping pile. Maybe it’s a bench by your bed. Maybe it’s on the floor next to the hamper. Maybe it’s hanging on the treadmill you swore you’d use to get your pre-pregancy jeans back in the rotation. It’s there and it never gets smaller.
Photo Credit/ Rachel Sobel

2) The dishes. It’s always the fucking dishes. The dishwasher is full. The drying rack is full. The sink is full. Everything is full and apparently YOU are the only one who knows how to make everything un-full.

Photo Credit/ Rachel Sobel

3) No tin foil left behind. Like what the hell am I going to do with a sliver of tin foil besides maybe wrap a lone piece of asparagus? Throw it out. Just throw it out, for the love of all that is holy.

Photo Credit/ Rachel Sobel

4) You missed. The garbage, the toilet, the hamper. So many misses. 

Photo Credit/ Rachel Sobel

5) Slipping on your spouse’s flip-flops to throw out garbage or go outside. THIS one struck a major chord in both directions. For the most part, people were totally team flip-flop. They admitted putting those bad boys on even if their own shoes were right there and just as easy to grab.

But some people were triggered and triggered AF. They commented on the size of the flip-flops, the fact that my husband even owns flip-flops (we live in Florida BTW, and flip flops are a thing here, sorry not sorry), that the ones pictured are NOT in fact flip-flops and are called slides, and a million other ridiculous comments filled with flip-flop rage.

Photo Credit/ Rachel Sobel

If you experience one or all of these phenomenons, just know you are NOT alone. Marriage is filled with them and you can always commiserate with your massive tribe online and IRL. May the force be with you.