Dear Jason, 

While there is no shortage of affection and “I love yous” in our home, I wanted to celebrate this Valentine’s Day with an honest love letter to you. Sure, you bring home flowers and show me and our girls what chivalry looks like on a daily basis. Yes, we have a solid marriage built on mutual respect and love. But you’re so much more than that. So, today I’m keeping it real and thanking you. Because sometimes, it’s not the big, obvious gestures that paint a picture of love, rather the mundane intricacies.

I love you for being my biggest supporter and always being in my corner.

I love you for believing in me and pushing me when I need it most.

I love you for never even flinching at the fact that you were walking into a relationship with a chick who already had a child.

I love for you showing compassion and understanding while dealing with the messy logistics that come with divorce and sharing custody.

I love you for understanding that when you walk in from work, you are on kid duty because I am fucking done.

I love you for always having my back.

I love you for knowing that if detergent is on sale at Costco you need to buy more than one.

I love you for never getting annoyed that I ask you every single night if you put the house alarm on, even though we both know you did but I need to hear myself ask it.

I love you for seeing me wake up with crazy, matted hair and drool on my pillow but still telling me I’m beautiful and you still want to make out with me.

I love that when I send you crazy, maniacal texts about how I’ve had a shit day and there’s no way I’m making dinner you respond with, “No problem, what do you want me to pick up?”

I love that you entertain all of my social media shaming of the crap you never clean up, all in the name of content and my career.

I love that you are unphased by my next-level craziness when the PMS creeps in.

I love that you call me out on my bullshit but also just let me have my way.

I love that you and I are always on the same page with sharing 1,000 things at a restaurant.

I love that you are always up for a rap duet in the car.

We make each other crazy but we also love each other like crazy, and that to me is what marriage is in a nutshell. You are the best partner and I thank god that we met early in my experience so that I didn’t have to deal with so many of the creeps that kept winking at me.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

I love you a lot a lot.