I might have to give my mother her own section on the blog because there’s just so much material. Today while I was stuck at home working so I can make that paper, she was paid a visit by two of my faves – my cousin Karyn and her daughter Alexys (you know, the one we basically mortified on prom night)

But this wasn’t just any visit.

My mom “invented” something, and I use the term “invented” loosely.

It’s apparently called the Bling-Key. And…well, rather than launch into a post talking about it I’m going to show you the off-the-cuff promo video my mom decided to film. The consummate professional, she didn’t even practice but still nailed it.


And as if that wasn’t enough, Alexys and Karyn filmed an infomercial.

I would PAY to see her on Shark Tank. Seriously, she would rip Mr. Wonderful or Mark Cuban (or any of them who mouthed off) a new asshole.





I don’t know where she came up with the 89 cents figure.

She named 6 functions  – that’s more than the “triple” benefit she calls out.

From the filming of vid 1 to vid 2, the name changed so I’m not sure the contest is still on.

1800Westfall is NOT a real phone number.

Would you guys buy the Bling-Key (patent pending)???