I started a blog once.  More than 7ish years ago.  I had this brilliant idea that since I had a brand new baby girl with the best wardrobe ever, I would just blog about children’s clothing ALL the time.  Because that would never get boring….

So then, I started blogging about other stuff to try and kick it up a notch and it just didn’t work.  It was like the worst most schizophrenic, non-flowy blog in the history of mommy blogs.  So I abandoned it and never looked back.

I toyed with the idea of starting it back up over and over and over and couldn’t put my finger on why I wasn’t just doing it already!  And then I figured it out…because it sucked.  Ok so what else could I blog about…

My daughter? Sure, but ALL the time? Did I want to be THAT kind of blogger? Did I want to pigeonhole myself into talking about how she is the smartest, most adorable, amazing child to ever be birthed?

How about cooking? I LOVE to cook.  Ok let’s be honest, I do love to cook, but I’m a single full-time working mom and I am effing exhausted and I have a child who survives on a balanced diet of goldfish, chicken fingers and cheese sticks (only the white ones mommy…with no writing on the package and I wanna see it before you unwrap it so I know you bought the right ones).  Oy! if I started a cooking blog the pressure I would feel to cook regularly would overwhelm me into abandoning that one too.  I actually abandoned it in my mind after the first sentence of this paragraph.

Divorce? Eh

Dating after Divorce? Eh

Everything I thought about just had too many limits and I want to write (vent) about what I want when I want.

My life is mostly like a TV show – My family is like the one from My Big Fat Greek Wedding, but the Jewish/Italian version.  Seriously…but instead of the Greek dad who solves the world’s problems with a spritz of Windex, I have a Jewish mother who believes alka seltzer cures any ailment.  I have a 5 yr old who looks exactly like me when I was 5 but has my 37 yr old attitude, mannerisms and sarcasm (I’m going to need heavy-duty meds when she hits the teenage years). I married my college sweetheart, birthed my clone and then divorced my college sweetheart (that could be a blog in itself).  And just when I thought life MIGHT calm down I now spend everyday navigating the waters of a post-divorce, full-time job, loving saint of a boyfriend, amazing and crazy friends and family- filled life that is equal parts incredible and chaotic.  It’s not always pretty but it’s mine.

So….if you want to read the HONEST musings of a stressed out, sarcastic, blunt, smart, all around lucky gal, stay tuned…I kinda have a lot to say.