So I officially “launched” my blog this weekend.

Launched to where exactly, I have no effing clue. But it seemed like the right thing to do. I suppose it was more of a celebration than a launch but whatever it was, it was awesome. It’s been about a year (give or take) and I guess part of me felt like my readership would dissipate and it would just be a fun hobby. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

In January I was sitting at my good friend Stacy’s event, CRA Live. I fully went to support her, help register people and basically be on deck for any logistical help she might need, not thinking at all about what I may get out of it. But when we were asked to write down in our journals a few actionable items we would commit to in our own lives – business, personal, whatever – I wrote down “Get a logo”. I never imagined the domino effect that would have. But Stacy has that power (or I’m just a sucker for a fiery red-head) to “politely” kick you in the ass and get you to take action. It’s one of the things that made me instantly become smitten with her when we met several years ago.

At that moment (in my mind at least), I drew the first line in the sand of pro blogger vs. faux blogger.

That week, I grabbed my balls, had a logo designed and my wheels started spinning. I had many conversations in the following weeks with people about potential partnerships, etc. I grasped the fact that this was truly mine to do something amazing with and also knew it wasn’t going to be easy. And then, the PR gal in me decided the next logical move was a “launch”. It was perfect timing really because I had just agreed to join a Ponzi scheme selling Rodan + Fields and could incorporate this into my launch. It was after all, the way I planned on funding some of the activities tied to my blog so I wouldn’t have to touch my paycheck.

So I committed to the date, ordered branded wine glasses and coasters and sent out invitations.



What if people didn’t come? What if I didn’t sell a single skin care item? What if it was a total flop and the whole idea sounded better in my head.

But they DID come. If my neighbors don’t hate me yet…they just might now.


And, I snagged an awesome liquor sponsor. An effing liquor sponsor. Friends Fun Wine provided the canned libations (why should beer have all the fun?) I mean obvs we were going to have a wine tasting at a Whine & Cheez(its) event. For the love of Kanye, they have flavors like Cabernet Espresso – that’s WINE and COFFEE – two of my most favorite things! Plus, Boca is infested with skinny bitches who don’t eat (excluding me – I live to eat) so the whole less than 100 calories per can thing is pretty much perfect. My friend Kristin arrived a little early and was put to work setting up the display, so naturally, once the night started she was pegged as the bartender. She totes rolled with it. My other friend Kody texted me asking if I needed help, and I realized I did, so she came over and immediately started setting up food. That’s the thing about my friends, old and new. They ALL get shit done. They all have the “all hands on deck” mentality and it’s freaking fantastic.

Less than 100 calories a can and crazy creative flavors? Yes please!

Less than 100 calories a can and crazy creative flavors? Yes please!

I was hoping people would get liquored up and shop (I’m only half kidding). Because let’s be honest…who doesn’t love some drunk shopping?


Within 5 minutes, someone compared the macroexfoliator to a vibrator, and just like that the tone for the evening was set! Also didn’t hurt when, Stephanie, my friend and trusted manitherapist said to my mom, “Hey Arlyne, What’s goin’ on?” to which she replied without missing a beat, “I don’t know, why don’t you ask Marvin Gaye!” Wait for it…wait for it….there you go!

I do wholeheartedly believe in the R + F line, I use it every day and it’s legit. But I’m not a harasser. I know that if I am not into something, I don’t want to be “sold”, so I am VERY sensitive to that. Don’t get me wrong – I will pitch the shit out of some Microdermabrasion paste and sell the amp roller til the cows come home. I’m just not one for barking up someone’s tree if they are giving me the “please don’t sell me” look. It’s the look that frequently accompanies you pretending to be on your cell phone when there’s nobody on the other end to avoid engaging in conversation.

So I’m looking around the room and I am just stunned. These people all came here to support me. ME. Friends from elementary school, work, neighbors. From every facet of my life I had women there representing. It was amazing and I’m not gonna lie – I had such a lady boner. And then it hit me that I probably needed to say something. But shit! I didn’t prep anything. Sure I have a robust PR background and have given many a soundbite, written a fair amount of speeches for talking heads, and trained the wormiest tech geeks who have probably never seen a female breast that wasn’t animated AND are probably virgins, to speak to the press like a boss. But son of a brisket, this was MY thing and I am so not good as my own publicist. Why didn’t I prep anything?!?!?! I decided I was just gonna have to Bill O’Reilly it. “Fuck it…we’ll do it live!!!” (If you haven’t seen that vid you’re missing out. God I love the internet.)


The only person sweating more than me was my mother because she was freaking out about having to buy something. The woman hasn’t changed her skin care regimen of irish spring and albolene since the 80s and if you’ve read ANY of my posts you know she does not take well to change. I let her off the hook because she bought the eye cream so I  know she’ll be back. Especially because for the past few weeks she’s been comparing the appearance of her skin to a sharpei.


You know what else was a real crowd pleaser?!?!? The Instagram frame I got (from Alexander Mason Designs). Seriously. It was a close second to being in college during my sorority days when we used to hire photogs for date functions, socials, whatever excuse we used to wear short skirts and tube tops ,and would chase them around yelling, “FLASH!!!” which was the cue for them to take our photo.

kcal stace marn suan kody mom beauts wendi rf team lor steph

It was the greatest night. I was surrounded by people who believe in me (not those who thought I was spending too much energy on a silly blog). People who want to see me succeed and who DID buy R + F products. No mean girls (nobody likes a mean girl…you guys are the worst…and you know who you are so just cut the shit and try to smile every once in a while.)

I’m not trying to have an “I am woman” moment but it’s all true. Every time I welcome a new lady friend into my circle and they meet existing friends – they always say the same thing… “You have the GREATEST girlfriends!” And you know what??? I really do. And I realized something else. I seriously do not have an ugly friend. Not one.

The last of the group lingered until about midnight, we sipped wine, picked at food and rounded out such a great evening.


If that’s not a sign of a successful launch…I don’t know what is!

I was so wired I couldn’t sleep. I was still marinating in all of it, and then, when I thought it couldn’t get better…the next day, SLS and I were at the mall grabbing an iced tea in Teavana, and another gal waiting in line (you know who you are!) turns and says, “Are you the Whine & Cheez(its) girl?!?! I love your blog, I follow it and read it all the time.” I don’t even know if she realizes how much those seemingly innocuous words mean to me. But they made my effing day/week/month! I was literally floating on air for the rest of the day. I have enough humility to be beyond stoked about a moment like that and am not ashamed to admit how awesome it was!

I am so appreciative of ALL of you who read, share and support me.

Thank you from the bottom of my cheezy little heart!

Now if you really love me (and this blog) you’ll buy some skin care.

***For more info about Friends Fun Wine, check out their website and Facebook page.