My toddler just had a cupcake for breakfast and I’m not sorry.

Some mothers are able to whip up a nutritious breakfast that taps all levels of the food pyramid and would make any pediatrician swoon.

Some mothers make the most perfect signs commemorating that this week our kids go back to school.

Some mothers have a hot meal on the table for dinner that everyone willingly eats and enjoys, and dare I say…asks for seconds.

These mothers are my heroes. They are Mom goals for me.

Because today on this Monday I am waving to you all from the opposite side of the spectrum.

Traveling last week for work destroyed me (worth it though). I came back to the usual mountain of laundry; two kids who attacked me with hugs when I walked in from the airport but then were whining for something in about 3.4 seconds; no food in the refrigerator; and an expensive rug decorated with dog diarrhea.

I’m buried in emails. I have a growing list of writing deadlines that I’m desperately playing catch up with. And I haven’t showered or peed alone since I returned.

I didn’t even get to the baby’s breakfast until about 10am today and was screwed because she spotted the chocolate cupcakes before she ate her banana. Some mothers might make that a hard no. I mean a cupcake for breakfast!!! I should be ashamed of myself. ????????‍♀️

But I’m not, and neither was the baby as you can see by her swan dive into it face first (after a bite of the organic banana btw…it’s called balance).

I made no sign for my older one who started school today. No pancakes or waffles were carefully cooked for anyone. And at this point we are having leftovers fir dinner because I have cooked two nights in a row and that’s basically my quota for the week.

You see, sometimes as mothers, we are lucky if we remember to put on a damn bra and brush our teeth before the carpool line and call our kids by the right names.

Today was one of those days for me, and WE all have them. Today a fight over that mini cupcake would have messed with my sanity and it just wasn’t worth it so I let it go. And guess what. She’ll be just fine. She’ll still master mommy and me, get through school, graduate college and be a functioning member of society. And I get to hold on to my sanity just a little bit longer.

Pick and choose your battles mamas and don’t let anyone make you feel like crap for you choices. They are YOUR choices. Your family. Tell everyone else to stay in their lane.

Happy Monday, mamas! ????????❤️