It was not a great weekend. Lots of life’s bullshittery – parenting, adulting, coparenting.
There are things going on behind the scenes giving me an emotional smack down.
I’m ok, but exhausted in every way.
My stress hives resurfaced and last night I just barely avoided an anxiety attack.
This morning, all I wanted to do was to drop my youngest at camp and then come home, get back into bed and pull the covers over my head to escape everything.
But I didn’t. I forced myself to get my ass up, throw on my workout gear, and take my favorite Monday morning class @thespindistrict .
I rode the shit out of that bike and with every breath, released some tension.
I’m glad I did.
And now I’m going to sit in my driveway, listening to music I want to hear instead of playing DJ for my kids. Then I’m going to take a deep breath, walk in my house and do the best I can for the rest of the day.
We’re all going through something. Sometimes we handle it well and sometimes we stumble. But every day is a new day. A new chance. Maybe even a teeny tiny rebirth.
I just want you to know that regardless what storms you have swirling in the background, I see you and hope you have an easier tomorrow.