Posted @withregram • @freshstartsregistry How can humor get you through a fresh start?
We had the best time talking to award-winning writer and community builder, Rachel Sobel of @whineandcheezits.
Rachel is authentic, raw, honest, and hilarious as she shares about her divorce experience, meeting her second (and final) husband, having daughters, building community, and how to support people going through a divorce. Rachel is so loving, gracious, and supportive, and we were honored to have the time to chat with her!
Rachel Sobel is an award-winning writer, author, speaker, do-over wife, mom to two girls, short-order cook, laundress, lunch packer, boo boo kisser and chauffeur. Rachel lives in South Florida with her second (and final) husband, her two feisty daughters and two dogs that make her lose her mind regularly.
We know you’ll love this episode with Rachel about career fresh starts, divorce, blended families, co-parenting, and how to build a community. You can listen to Rachel on your preferred pod platform!
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