This weekend was JAM packed with crazy. Usually the most excitement I get on a weekend is a civilized dinner, some netflix binge watching and maybe a trip to Bed Bath and Beyond (if there’s time).

But this weekend was one for the books. I was out at major events BOTH nights and it was bananas. I can’t possibly cram it all into one blog post so this one is going to be focused on my 20th High School Reunion.


(That’s when you are supposed to say, “OMG, Rachel you CANNOT be old enough for that).

I know. I know.

My gal pals and I made the decision to go a few days before the ticket deadline. (what really went down is that I made the decision and told them we were most definitely going). So we bought our tickets and the furious texting began. What were we wearing, where were we meeting, blah blah blah.

A dedicated Facebook page was created by the awesome event organizers and the pictures started rolling in. Some I immediately recognized and some made me feel like I must have blacked out during high school for a period of time. I mean how could there be SOOOOO many people who didn’t look familiar to me? Well, I think it might have to do with the fact that there were more than 700 people…not in the whole school but just in my senior class. Guys, that’s a lot.

And here’s the thing about my high school. Everyone went there. I did not grow up in an obnoxious, homogenous area where everyone sitting in the classroom looked alike. There weren’t gaggles of blondes in plaid skirts and date rapey looking guys with swoopy hair and penny loafers. There was one high school (unless your parents opted to send you to private school farther away – which none of my friends did). It was one ginormous, diverse, melting pot and it was awesome.

Yes it looked a little bit like a jail. Yes we had some security guards with questionable ethics. Yes there were cameras in the stairwells. Yes our cheerleading dances were choreographed to mostly unsavory (but awesome) booty music. And Yes, I did just fine, graduating in the top 10% of my class, graduated from the University of Florida and went on to get my Masters degree too! It was a real high school with real people.

Before we know it, reunion day is here and Jason and I are headed to my girlfriend’s to carpool. Kelley and I have been friends since before we could walk. And Stacy and I met in Kindergarten.

This is the cheesy ad we placed in our Senior yearbook.

This is the cheesy ad we placed in our Senior yearbook.

When I pulled up to Kelley’s house, her daughter was literally climbing out the window. And just like that, the tone for the night was set.


Then her son took my phone to take some pictures. Kelley told me to be prepared for a camera roll filled with selfies. He had my phone for like 23 seconds, how much damage could he do?


He handed it back to me and on his way out of the kitchen unzipped my dress in one swift movement without even looking back. Kelley you are EFFED, sister.  Stacy got there, still confused about what shoes to wear. Kelley said the ones I liked looked like she was on her way to Shabbat services and should be wearing a sheitel  (the wigs very religious Jewish women wear) and I thought the ones Kelley liked looked like she was going to a parent/teacher conference (did I mention my friends are brutally honest and super descriptive?)


Then. Let the record show I am wearing cut off jean shorts, unbuttoned and rolled down with hoochie shorts underneath, Stacy is wearing overall shorts and Kelley is sporting pigtail braids. God I loved the 90s.


Now. Much more refined wardrobe choices.

I would have loved to have just one picture sans Kelley’s dog,  but he would not leave my side and literally took every opportunity to stick his head up my dress. So quick pre-reunion recap…within 5 minutes of being in the house, I witnessed a potential jailbreak, my phone memory was basically full and I was sexually assaulted by Doobie the Dog.

Something you should know about me is that I HATE being late. I am always on time and even sometimes early. I’d rather be at the airport and sit there for an hour-plus than run a full-blown marathon to the gate as I sweat in places I didn’t even know possible. And my friends know this about me. So they were not surprised when I said I wanted to get to the reunion at the beginning. And our fate was sealed when we got a message saying that while the reunion was called for 6pm, and people may plan on arriving late, please be there by 6:30. That’s all I needed to hear to make my case.

I made us all get there by 6:30ish and my friends are awesome so they went with it and only tried to resist a couple of times.

When we pulled up, there were NO cars. Jason told me we must be in the wrong place, but we knew we weren’t. He grew up on Long Island and doesn’t really understand true Miami time. Nobody was there when we went upstairs to the banquet room. Stacy sat at what I think was the registration table and looked like she was ready to work and pass out Charger-style bracelets.



We watched a small screen showing pics of us from high school and realized that of all things that changed, it was our eyebrows that underwent the biggest transformation.

Those are my eyebrows (and me) center left.

Those are my eyebrows (and me) center left.


Our eyebrows also accompanied us to prom. It’s amazing there was even room in the limo.

The doors to the room opened at 7:02, we threw our bags down and immediately hit the bar. So we were all feeling good. And sometimes when you feel good, you get a little giddy and even get the giggles at the most inopportune moments. And that’s exactly what happened when the Junior ROTC from our alma mater came out to do a little something.




As they marched in, Kelley lost her shit. Literally got the giggles so bad tears were rolling down her face and she couldn’t breathe. And that shit is contagious! So I whisked her out, got her in the bathroom and told her to lock it down!

In addition to her composure, Kelley's drink with 30 limes, like she likes it, was also a casualty

In addition to losing her composure, Kelley’s drink with 30 limes, like she likes it, was also a casualty

When we got back in and everyone was mingling it was nothing short of awesome. To see these people you literally have not laid eyes on for 20 years is pretty nostalgic.


group4 group3 group2 group







There were also games, like who had the most kids, which left two people tied at 5. I was tired just from the anticipation as people were weeded out of game, so I can’t even imagine! Kudos to you and your small armies. (Shout out to Sportymommas who posted this gem on instagram…there were a few bouncers in our graduating class and I give them credit because I’m constantly tired from one!)


The night went on, the music started and the pictures got blurrier.







And you KNOW shit is real when there’s an ice sculpture.


We seriously did not leave the dance floor when the music started, except to pee.

I realize these are a little blurry and dark, but you’ll still get an idea of the overall mood of the reunion.

My feet were killing me, my sides hurt from laughing, my cheeks hurt from smiling and I wouldn’t trade any of it.

And staying with tradition, we went out to eat late night. Back in the day we used to go to a Sushi place that was open until 3am, so we stuck with old habits and went to a similar place owned by the same person. We binged and laughed more. We recapped the night.

And then I realized that two things are certain.

1) My friends ALWAYS have a good time. Especially with Kelley. She is hands down the best and you know you are going to have fun with her. 35+ years of friendship and that has never wavered.

2) No matter how much time has passed, no matter your background, race, marital status, political affiliations or religion, the class of 95 WILL get down the minute you throw on some old school booty music. Perhaps a little Uncle Al or 2 Live Crew is the secret to world peace?

GO CHARGERS!!! See you all at the next one!!!