So yesterday was a BIG day for Whine & Cheez(its). I got an article published on Scary Mommy. As a writer/mom blogger, that is a BFD!

The downside of having a piece of yourself released into the wild is the crazy comments you can get. (You should see the comments from when I posted an article on LinkedIn with a couple of curse words…oh boy). I don’t know if there are just women out there looking for a fight, but my god….some of these ladies are angry.

Thankfully, the overwhelming majority of the feedback was super positive and supportive. And that makes me smile and feel really warm and fuzzy. But there are always those women who seem to troll the interwebs looking to get some aggression out. And yesterday, a handful of them found my article. They couldn’t have actually read it though based on their comments. Maybe they skimmed it? Maybe there are some words that trigger them to go off on a rant? Maybe they drank one too many red bulls?

I do not expect everyone to agree with me because I certainly have strong opinions and don’t agree with everyone. But I am always caught off guard when people take something away from one of my articles and use it to launch into me on a very personal level. It’s pretty much the polar opposite of constructive criticism.

Rather than cry about it (there were times I was teetering), I decided to have a little fun. So, in the style of when celebrities read really hateful tweets about themselves aloud, I’m going for it.

Here’s a short vid of me reading some select comments from some really scary mommies on Scary Mommy.


P.S. My mom is going to be PISSED that I did not put lipstick on. Oops!