About Rachel Sobel

Rachel Sobel is a Florida native (via Long Island like the rest of em). Living the NEW normal: Marriage, Baby, Divorce, Remarriage, another baby.  Not bitter, rather better. More likely to have wet wipes and half-eaten bag of Cheez-its in my purse than cash.

This is my life.

You can contact me at Rachel@WhineandCheezits.com

Follow me on Twitter @whinecheezits

Follow me on Instagram at @whineandcheezits



2 thoughts on “About Rachel Sobel

  1. Rachel I love your blog…I also love wine and cheez its. I have four daughter under nine soooooo I consume a lot of both of those items. Just started writing for Suburban Misfit Mom. Making it a point to visit writers, introduce myself and read through the articles and personal blogs. I also blog at http://www.fourprincessesandthecheese.com. This is where I write about my daily rants and fails in marriage, parenting and life. If I ever feel like I have a success in those areas…I will probably include them on there as well.

    Anyways love your stuff.


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