If you are anything like me, you LOVE when the holidays come around and you can play good cop/bad cop with an inanimate object. You get the be the good guy while you say things like:

“It’s not my rule, the Mensch on a Bench said you have to eat an orange if you want more presents.”


“If I were you, I would clean up your room…the Mensch is always watching.”


“If you do not cooperate right now, I am texting the Mensch to tell him.”

(That last one is usually followed by a barrage of questions of how I have his phone number and a thinly veiled game of chicken where my child dares me to do it.)

Anyway, with the holidays well behind us, I’m not gonna lie…I miss the shit out of the Mensch and would love a year round enforcer.

Check out my latest column for Lifestyle Magazine  (PAGE 21) all about it!

And my shirt from Unkosher Market was hella appropriate for this one…dontcha think?

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