I do not live in the past, expect for one aspect of my life…I love all things 90s hip hop. All things.

My iTunes library is basically 93% everything previously played on Power 96 and 99 Jamz back in the day. If you get in my car you will most likely hear Sirius channel 47 (unless I have to change it because they are playing Bone Thugs or Ja Rule for the 1000th time. That or I am in such a momfog I forgot to turn off Kidz Bop.)

And if you remember, I attended last year’s Legends of the Old School concert and loved it (even despite some of the baaaaaad performances). So obviously, when it came back again this year with a different lineup, I was down like two flat tires.

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 1.46.46 PM


So here’s a little recap:

69 Boyz: Booty music is my jam and these guys brought it. Period.

JJ Fad: I would have been fine with Supersonic and just Supersonic.

TKA: Oy. It felt like they were on stage for 3 hours and 95% of it was dancing and singing other people’s songs. Listen…I love a good cover, but cmon.

Rob Base: It Takes Two. Enough said.

DJ Laz: If you grew up in Miami and don’t love the Pimp with Da Limp…did you even grow up in Miami?

Tone Loc: His voice is EXACTLY the same. I could have used a little more Tone and a little less of his hype man. Also, I think I need a hype man.

Bel Biv Devoe: Guys, they are almost 50. FIFTY!! And they can still kill it on stage. They were by far the best.

Lisa Lisa: I still don’t understand why she closed the show and to be honest I was so done from TKA’s 12 hour performance that we left after one song.

As far as it being hosted by Kid n Play, they actually did the Kid n Play so that was a win.

Here are a couple of things I learned/observed from this year:

  1. There are morons who think it’s normal to throw a giant blanket down in the middle of a huge crowd that is ALL standing and have the nerve to get annoyed if someone steps on it.
  2. DJ Zog proved that the art of scratching is truly a lost art. Nobody brings turntables and vinyl to DJ anymore. Instead they bring a MacBook Pro. Technology is awesome but so is scratching.
  3. Tone Loc still gets groupies and they are disgusting. They had a bunch of ladies from the audience come up on stage during his performance and there was one girl who had a maje wardrobe malfunction the second her feet hit the stage. Full nipple and it was gross. Not even nice nipple. She was unphased that her titty was flapping in the wind too. If that happened to me, I would cry and then move. Anyway, she was all over Tone Loc, grabbing the mic (and I’m sure she had a handful of something else backstage) and at one point was visibly whispering in his ear. Let’s just say that she did NOT exit the stage with everyone else and was on stage drinking. I’m willing to bet that Wild Thing was not just a song that night.
  4. Sweet Jesus, does booty dancing at 39 do a number on the hips. And hips don’t lie.
  5. My husband’s Biggie shirt is a chick magnet. No seriously, random girls came up to ask if they could take a pic with him.biggie

There were even a few moments of crowd participation, including one to test our 90s hip hop street cred. Spoiler alert – I passed.

And it wasn’t ALL hip hop all the time. There were even some rogue (but amazing) music moments that had everyone singing along.

But the BIGGEST takeaway, is that regardless of race, age, marital status and a million other identifying factors…90s hip hop binds us all.

And I did exactly what my mom always tells me to do…