Guys, remember when we used to tear it up on Spring Break! We would cram like 15 people into one hotel room, bring our own alcohol, fry ourselves up on the beach all day like arepas (yup, sure did grow up in the 305) and drink and dance all night?

The mere thought of it, while nostalgic, is EXHAUSTING!!!

But it got my wheels spinning…if you REALLY think about it, Spring Break as a mom with a small child is not really all that different. I mean, there’s crying, puking, and even passing out in your clothes from playdate exhaustion and having your kids home from school all day…for a couple weeks. Am I right?

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March is here which means….SPRIIINNNGGG BREAKKKKK!

Bikini clad co-eds with no cellulite will invade beaches everywhere and survive on nothing but pizza, tequila and bad decisions for a week. I used to head to Cancun for a handful of days with sorority sisters and veg on the beach destroying my skin by day then have tequila literally poured down my throat by night(Note: my child is never going to Cancun).

Cut to present day and it got me thinking. Is Spring Break really that different with a small child? You have to admit there are some parallels if you decipher the situation.

We still hit the beach. We just have lots of stuff in tow. We may look like the Griswolds carrying umbrellas, cooler bags and kids, but we still dig our toes in the sand.

 We still eat bad food. Although instead of late night pizza you don’t remember until morning, we eat pizza we can see at places like Chuck E Cheese.

 We still consume alcohol. But usually it’s after a full day at the beach and/or Chuck e Cheese and we actually put it in proper glassware first.

 And let’s not forget the hallmark of any female-filled Spring Break…crying. You always had the one friend you had to tend to who ended up in tears at some point. You all took turns or drew straws to see who would be on duty to babysit. Well, now you have the equivalent as a mom, since your own child goes into full melt down mode because they wanted the orange popsicle at the park play date but little Susie got it first and the loss of the orange pop is just too much to handle. So you have to negotiate with your child just to get them in the car and home.

 And then, just the like the ending of many a night on Spring Break, you (and in this case your child) are so exhausted when it’s all over that you fully pass out in your clothes.

 Biggest difference? You’ve never been so happy for school to start.