My mother, Arlyne, is a breast cancer survivor. She’s feisty, unapologetic and a fighter. And those are exactly the same traits she exhibited while she kicked cancer’s ass. My friends at Snarklets, also no strangers to this ugly, non-discriminating disease, started Snarklets in memory of their bold, brave, badass, warrior sister.

So, we decided to partner and create a little snark that supports breast cancer awareness and education. Join us as we say a collective “SUCK IT, CANCER!” with a special line of Snarklets ! Not only will they look damn good on any arm, but 25% of sales from the collection will be donated to Bright Pink

Pick your metal, customize it for free with names, initials, ribbons and more. Whether you wear it or purchase it for a warrior in your life, say it with us….SUCK IT, CANCER!

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