This edition of Yo!Momma, with my blog besties, Daddy Mind Tricks, is all about boobs.



Welcome to our monthly joint venture we like to call, Yo! Momma. We open up the mailbag to answer the questions from our most faithful readers and bring definitive resolution in the age-old battle of the sexes.


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Last month, we took on the little game of communication duality that pops up in our exchanges with members of the opposite sex – basically, it was all about what to do when she says “I don’t wanna talk about it.”


In the latest edition collaboration of the best parenting bloggers on the Internet, we’re talking about boobs. Yes. Boobs.


You ask. We attempt to answer … and then Rachel from Whine & Cheez(Its) drops some knowledge on your ass to provide the feminine point of view that we all truly need in our lives.


Welcome to another edition of … Yo! Momma.


Why does my wife say her boobs are too sensitive for me to touch? Did the kid break them?

– Mike, Omaha


Pete: Breastfeeding is no joke. Next to the whole pushing of a human being out of a small orifice thing, being solely responsible for the regular sustenance of your baby is likely the toughest thing your wife is ever gonna do, Mike. I get it, though. You are ready to get back down to full business underneath the sheets. Sexy time with wifey is missing some of its most valuable players. Give it time. Well, unless you are a freaky dude and get into some weird shit with breastmilk. That’s on you, bro. But most of us aren’t and would rather wait it out for a few weeks.  Shortly after the milk truck is closed up for good, the orbs will return to normal. Until the mounds of awesome make their triumphant return, find some other ways to have to some fun with the lesser-known erogenous zones. Don’t know what those are? Well, that’s another Yo! Momma topic on its own.


Rachel: If by broken you mean 9 months of hard time served by a baby in her uterus, followed by the agony of said baby latching on to her nipples several times a day with an irrationally strong sense of suction for such a little thing, followed by hooking herself up to a machine that sucks her boobs into giant funnels to keep her milk supply game strong…then yes, they are most certainly broken. While I do not have balls of my own, I would imagine the sensitivity issues you have with those is somewhat comparable. And we have so many hormones running through our bodies, post baby that there’s no telling when those things will be back in play. So just be conscious and if she says hands off….it’s hands off. They’ll be back (maybe different after breastfeeding…you’ve been warned), so just be patient.


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