Let’s talk about girl gangs. 

Motherhood can be polarizing. Sometimes you feel like you’re losing your shit. You feel crazy unless you have someone going through something similar who can lend compassion and understanding. 

I have an incredible gaggle of girlfriends that I love more than any words could ever write. And when I ditched corporate life to write full-time, I tried to expand that circle with local writers and bloggers in my own backyard. A few were gracious, but a lot were not. I’m still to this day, years later, left off event invites that many of them attend together. I used to feel jilted and angry and question why they were haters. 

But then something magical happened. 

These bloggers, writers, meme creators and downright amazing people that I followed for so long, dreaming one day to rub elbows with, took me into their little circles, because we got each other. Most of us have never met in real life. We don’t see each other at carpool or girls’ night out. But they’re no less my people. We talk every day. Sharing stories from the trenches. Even sharing our work with each other to get an honest gut check on humor and relatability. We have gotten to know the real people behind the quirky and clever Instagram names. We celebrate each other and bitch about the hassles that come with putting real bits of your life out there for the world to see…and judge. There’s no doubt these women have changed the path of my career with their constant cheering section mentality. 

In a world of people trying to screw each other over, it’s a slice of real, unwavering support from people who get what I’m doing. I needed that. 

So know this…if you haven’t found your “village”, don’t fret. You’re just looking in the wrong place. They’re out there.