We’ve all felt it.
The comfort of hanging out in our best athleisure for most of this pandemic. Stretchy pants, baggy sweatshirts, no bras. It’s been glorious.
But all good things come to an end and as the world opens up even more, the unworn clothes in our closets are itching to get out. So, this one goes out to all of you who haven’t worn a pair of jeans for 15 months. We’re right there with you and we’re in this together.
And you know what? If you wanna just stay in that onesie, YOU STAY IN THAT ONESIE, BOO.
Enjoy our latest masterpiece paying homage to the onesies that saved us all this last year.
Mom Com NYC
Whine and Cheez – its by Rachel Sobel
The New Stepford
Parody created, performed and edited by

The Andrea Rappaport
Music by Steve Schmidt
We hope you love it ❤️