Today is my 42nd birthday. 

I woke up this morning and still had to beg & plead my older one and do everything but offer a kidney to get her out of bed and dressed for school. I still had to sit in a brutal carpool line that sucks everything that is holy out of my soul. I still had a toddler screaming at me from the backseat. 

I had a great lunch with my mom and toddler while my older one was in school. Then we went to the mall and I decided to get a mani/pedi while my mom volunteered to walk the baby around. I literally heard her screaming in that blood-curdling tone from god knows how far away. My mom returned sweating, exasperated, asking me if I heard that loud bang (which I did), because the baby knocked over a giant sign. 

Then we got a sitter because my husband took me to dinner at “our place.” We checked the baby monitor at 9pm (because what else do married people with kids do when they’re at a romantic dinner) only to see the little one was not in her crib. I texted my older one to see what was going on and she sent me pictures of them chilling past BOTH of their bedtimes, including this one of them holding hands. Then she started nagging me to bring home an ace bandage because she was pretty sure (in the 2 hours we were gone) that she sprained her ankle. 

My husband and I laughed and rolled our eyes, giving each other the “it’s par for the course look”.  

There was nothing calm, relaxing or different about my day today, even though it’s a “special” day. It was the same shit with a couple nice meals out and makeup thrown in the mix. I came in to both of my kids wide awake on a school night and so our night is just beginning at 10pm. 

It was perfect.