The last post about my boyfriend in the 90s resulted in a lot of chatter and commiserating.
So, I felt like it was only fair to introduce you to 90s me.
1995 to be exact.
It was my senior year of high school and I turned 18 a couple weeks before this photo.
It was also the year of my little brother’s bar mitzvah. My mom styled me from head to toe and really hit all the quintessential 90s high points if you ask me.
Hoochie hair, CHECK!
Mini dress, CHECK!
Thigh highs , CHECK!
Not shown- white patent leather block heel Mary Janes.
Also not shown- obligatory scrunchie on the wrist.
It was in Miami so naturally, amid the typical mitzvah music, there was A LOT of explicit booty music dripping with that hard hitting bass that shook the walls. It was THE BEST.
My high school boyfriend was in attendance and I remember vividly that we broke it down to Run Away by Real McCoy.
Dear god I can smell the CK One in this picture.
Some people who didn’t experience the 90s think that we talk about it too much. But you want to know why it gets so much airtime?? Because it was HANDS DOWN the best decade and I will never stop.