This household is pretty much operating like a society with no government. (It’s me ????????‍♀️I used to be the government).⁣

My kids eat whatever they want for breakfast, and by whatever they want, I mean cupcakes.⁣

My toddler only wants to get dressed by herself and puts everything on backwards. I offer to help her fix it but she swats me out of the way because she likes it the way she likes it.⁣

I find bottom halves of t-shirts cut off and discarded in the trash as my tween converts her shirts to crop tops.⁣

There’s no clear bedtime.⁣

I don’t rush around making beds anymore like I used to.⁣

My toddler gave me the finger this week when I asked her to eat some strawberries and her big sister taught her how to twerk on the wall, so that’s been a fun development.⁣

And yesterday, when my kids were both losing their ever loving minds over who even knows what, I diffused the situation by yelling, “WHO WANTS TO JUMP IN THE POOL WITH ALL YOUR CLOTHES ON!??”⁣

They ran for the door like little Tasmanian devils and ALL OF US jumped in fully clothed and it was AWESOME. Because sometimes you just have to say fuck it.⁣

I may not always be the fun mom but I crushed that moment and I know my kids will remember it. And even though everyone dumped their sopping wet clothes in the middle of my freshly washed floors, it was a moment we all needed right now. ⁣

Simple but necessary.⁣

So, go jump in the pool with your clothes on , or whatever else floats your boat, and make your kids’ day! I promise it will make yours too.⁣