My girls are 8+ years apart.⁣

Not on purpose.⁣

It’s not exactly the the way I “planned” my family in my head when I was in my 20s and orchestrating my first wedding.⁣

I didn’t anticipate a divorce.⁣

I had no idea I’d get a second chance and find the love of my life.⁣

I wasn’t counting on a miscarriage and fertility ⁣issues since I got pregnant so quickly the first time.⁣

I never expected a rainbow baby 2 weeks before I turned 40.⁣

I never thought I’d be raising a tween and toddler simultaneously and OMGYOUHAVENOIDEA.

I didn’t realize that the age gap would have one daughter slowly pulling away and finding her voice & independence while the other leaned in so hard just needing to be the baby.⁣

I had no clue that swimming in a house of estrogen could be equal parts incredible and infuriating.⁣

It’s not the family I planned but it is everything I’ve ever wanted. EVERYTHING.⁣

I struggle with relinquishing control. I like to know what to expect and how things will play out. But the older I get and the more life throws big flaming wrenches in my plans, the more I try to roll with it and honestly I mostly DO NOT succeed. It’s not easy for me and I’m absolutely a work in progress. So here’s the reminder I need, and for anyone else who may need to hear it – Don’t get hung up on the plans. Things happen that you just cannot anticipate or control. And sometimes the best things happen with no plan at all.⁣