I’m a recovering people pleaser.
Until this most recent decade of my life, I excused shitty behavior from others because I didn’t really want to rock the boat or have to awkwardly end relationships. I took the path of least resistance. It’s a good and necessary tactic for some select occasions, but not a way to live your life.
I let joy thieves steal my happiness.
Several weeks ago I was fuming and venting to my best friend about someone who completely took the wind out of my sails during a really special moment .
She simply replied, “They are such a joy thief. Do not let them take this from you.”
She nailed it.
Joy thieves are the worst, they thrive on ruining moments for others.
Maybe it’s jealousy.
Maybe it’s insecurity.
Maybe it’s straight up evil and malice.
Don’t let them.
Take your moments back and enjoy the shit out of them.
Joy thieves are literally powered by the misery of others. If you don’t give them fuel, they can’t drive a big old truck through your happiness.
Put up your giant, fluorescent “road closed” sign and let them find an alternate route.
Then sit back and bask in those good moments while you watch them drive away in your rear view. ✌????