I’m not a New Year’s resolution kind of gal. But you can bet your ass that this year taught me a lot about friendship, family and my personal threshold for bullshit. So, I have a whole list of things I refuse to deal with in 2020. You can call those my resolutions I suppose ????????‍♀️

???????? Selfish, narcissistic, overall sucky people? 
F*ckin’ Over It ???? 
???????? Opportunistic social climbers with calculated ulterior motives? 
F*ckin’ Over It ????
???????? Fake people? 
F*ckin’ Over It ????
???????? Mean girls?
F*ckin Over It ????
???????? Shit starters who play victim and blame everyone else for their problems?
F*ckin’ Over It ????
???????? Liars?
F*ckin’ Over It ????
???????? Passive aggressive (or straight up aggressive) mom shamers? 
F*ckin’ Over It ????
???????? Entitled parents raising entitled kids who never think they’re in the wrong?
F*ckin’ Over It ????
???????? Judgey McJudgersons? 
F*ckin’ Over It ????
???????? Cauliflower instead of carbs? 
F*ckin’ Over It ????

That’s just the short list but the overall theme here is that I’m over people being assholes and then playing dumb. That goes for friends, family and the Starbucks barista who’s having a shitty day.
That’s right! I’m cleaning house for 2020 and filling my cup with good people who don’t feel like constant work. Not just for me, but for my two little ladies. 

I want them to know that you don’t have to accept negativity from others in your life. 

You can cut out toxic relationships. 

You can reassess your expectations for certain relationships if necessary. 

You can say no to behavior from ANYONE who makes you feel like crap. 

You can admit that you deserve better. 

So, I’m heading into 2020 taking no shit and surrounding myself and my family with people who get it. 

Make YOUR “F*ckin’ Over It” list and take stock of what’s working in your relationships and what’s not. And if it’s not, shut it down! Also, I’m a life coach now. Just kidding. But not kidding about doing 2020 right!