Sometimes a mom needs to be away from her kids.

Sometimes she needs to be with other moms.

Sometimes she needs to sleep in a hotel room in a bed ALONE.

Sometimes she needs to gorge on expensive sushi and sake.

Sometimes she needs to NOT be the one on the hook for meals, baths and bedtime.

Sometimes she needs a break to connect with other strong, smart, funny and incredible women.
Sometimes she needs to eat a huge lunch and chase it with indulgent donuts.

Sometimes she needs to laugh with other moms until her face hurts.

And sometimes she needs to wake up with glitter in her bra with no understanding of how it got there.

I’m grateful for every single thing I’m learning at Mom 2.0 Summit , for every laugh, for every connection, for every experience. And with the self-imposed mom guilt in taking this trip, I’m simultaneously missing my family but soaking up every moment here in Austin.