Being home for the last year plus opened my eyes to many things, including the little projects screaming at me from all corners of my house. I dabbled in a little bit of everything during the pandemic, starting with my very own herb garden I never wanted to take care of, but my husband suggested we plant it anyway. “It’s something to do,” he said. So, we did and for a few months I felt like a true pioneer living off my land. Fresh basil for pasta. Homegrown jalapeños for taco Tuesday. I vowed that I would never go back to buying these items in the grocery store. Until about six months later when the oppressive Florida heat smothered my tiny crops, and I was also sick of being responsible for another living thing. That’s when I thought it would be an amazing idea to surprise my kids with a pandemic puppy…even though we already had two dogs.


Once I was settled into my new role as a puppy mom (adding to the two adult dogs and two human children), my plate felt full, but I couldn’t stop visually scouring my house every day thinking about what I could change. I also know I am not alone in this growing itch to freshen up, redecorate and even renovate. On any given day I lost count of the number of friends in my Facebook feed asking for decorating advice, sourcing contractors and sharing DIY tips to morph into a domestic goddess. Sitting here day after day, I had no choice but to take note of all of the things I wanted to tackle on my list of DIY home improvement projects. I too chatted with my inner domestic goddess. Here’s the thing though, change = money. Everything you want to fix or throw a little pizazz at comes with a price tag.


So, I had to go through my mental inventory for all of the home décor/renovation changes swirling around in my head and make some choices. What could I do that would make some old spaces feel new and breathe a little life into my existing set up? And how can I accomplish this without feeling like I was bleeding money? I wasn’t crazy about going to stores looking for home décor items before pandemic and it wasn’t really an option when I started looking for items to add some personality to different areas of my house. I tried ordering online but it felt like everything was subpar quality, overpriced and looked super cookie cutter. And then I was introduced to Mark and Day .


At first glance when I opened the site and saw some of the merchandise, I was thinking it was going to be out of reach for the small budget that I had in mind. I could not have been more wrong. I started adding items to my cart and between already fantastic value and additional discounts, I was floored. I was able to get 4 different pieces all for different parts of my home for less than $200.


I started with a couple of rugs. You know you have reached peak adulthood when you think to yourself, “You know what would really tie this room together? A cute, stylish rug!”. Yep, I went there, twice.

First, I grabbed this adorable  Alem Modern Black Area Rug  animal print rug to go in front of the sliding glass door leading to my backyard. With multiple dogs and kids in and out all day, plus wet pool feet and bathing suits dripping everywhere, I have been through so many rugs that I gave up. But Mark and Day had me at machine washable rugs that are stain resistant and pet/kid friendly. It’s stylish but also functional and extremely durable and easy to clean.

Then I moved on to my younger daughter’s room. We recently lost her rug due to a number of pet bodily fluid casualties. While her rug was supposed to be machine washable, it started to get frail and parts were even unraveling. When I saw that Mark and Day had an entire selection of washable rugs that were perfect for kid playroom decor, I was like a kid in a candy story (again, adulting at its best). They had so many choices and I found the Aarau Bohemian/Global Silver Gray Area Rug which was a perfect match for the pink and grey color scheme in her room.

Because you can’t buy one sibling something without infuriating the other, I needed something fun for my 12-year-old’s room. She’s a teenager so naturally she already hates everything I pick out. This was a little more challenging. Then I found the poufs. Fun, boho-chic little seats that definitely have that cool factor. I decided on the Hainfeld Medium Gray Pouf . I knew it was the perfect, simple Pouf seat for her and immediately pictured it in the little gauzy teepee sitting area she has in her room. I guess the universe had my back that day because she LOVED it and even said she had been wanting something like it for her room.

Finally, it was my turn. I wanted something that already matched the modern but cozy grey landscape of my décor. Something small that still made a statement. The Bergakker Modern Wall Mirror checked every box. The moment I saw it I knew it would be perfect right by my front door as a fun but functional piece perfect for one last lipstick and hair check upon exit.

The whole experience shopping with Mark and Day was perfection. The selection, the prices and the delivery. I got everything quickly and nothing disappointed. There was something for everyone and every style and it made my little pandemic décor projects a pleasure. You can see for yourself and click here to shop. Use discount code RACHEL10 at to do your own little home glow up.







*This is a sponsored post for Mark and Day.