I don’t do fake. I don’t pretend motherhood and everything that comes with it, are a walk in the park. I’ve built this account and its content around my life. 

My real life.

And right now, I’m having a glass of wine and sitting alone in my dining room because I have a toddler who has turned impossible practically overnight. She’s a tantrum thrower and I don’t know how to navigate one of those. My oldest is a championship level whiner, but this one does the whole screaming/wet noodle thing and I want to cry every time. She has a temper that seems well beyond her years and the bags under my eyes would say the same. 

She does it if I don’t get her something fast enough. She does it if one of her toys gets stuck. She does it if she doesn’t want to eat. She does it when she wants to get out of the stroller and walk. She does it when she exhausted. 

It’s maddening and I feel my eyes welling up with tears sometimes because it’s so hard. 

Maybe it’s a phase. Maybe it’s something behavioral that needs to be addressed. Maybe it’s just her manifestation of the terrible twos which officially start in a month.

She’s amazing, beautiful, smart and completes our family. Yet, this little incredible being is giving me a fucking run for my money like a tiny tyrant, and I’m more tired at the end of the days than I thought possible. 

I feel drained.
I feel weak.
I feel defeated.

And I put these honest accounts of motherhood out there because I know I’m not alone and someone else out there might need to feel that virtual camaraderie.

So, if that’s you. I hear you. I feel you. And we’re in this together. Tomorrow is a new day and even if it ends the exact same way, we’ve got this.

We are strong, resilient and bursting at the seams with power. Because we are mothers. Nobody ever said it was easy. But we’re doing it.

So cheers to YOU. I’m right there with you.