Allow me to let you in on a little secret…none of us really know what the hell we’re doing.
We read parenting books, talk to other mothers to compare notes, hit up our pediatrician with questions…but we’re all just figuring shit out.
And it doesn’t end as they get older.
You just get into different routines that make you feel the least insane and also schedule more frequent Botox visits to help de-age your face (just me?)
You’re stressed because parenting is that hard. Period. Say that to yourself in the mirror while you’re plucking chin hairs. It’s multitasking.
These little humans require all hands on deck all the time and as they get older they just need you in different ways. It never gets less exhausting or mentally draining.
There’s no secret.
It’s just that wild of a ride and I’m right there with you. ????????
P.S. pretty sure she was asking me for another cheese stick after her 4th one in a 5 minute span.