Sometimes big things will knock you down.
They can make you feel defeated and broken and even hopeless.
While you’re in the moment you may feel at a standstill trying to figure out how you will possibly get over whatever it is that pulled the rug out from under you.
Here’s the crazy part.
That big thing won’t seem so big when you look back.
I’m not saying you will forget it or even completely heal from it. But it will shrink in importance and in the amount of space it takes up in your head and heart.
While I was making a silly TikTok the other day, I used a picture from college.
It was from the morning after what at the time felt like one of the worst nights of my life. I can look at it now and actually viscerally feel the nausea, headache and overall despair. My heart was broken and I was gutted.
After a night filled with puking and sleeping on the bathroom floor, my girlfriends came over to snuggle me and get me back into shape to face the world.
I remember how dark it felt and feeling like I couldn’t possibly bounce back from this.
Now I look at it and I smile. Because almost 30 years later that moment in time does not affect my life in the slightest. It’s a distant memory. A blip.
What once felt like an insurmountable roadblock literally has zero impact on my life currently and hasn’t for decades.
So, I guess what I am trying to say is whatever mountain you are clawing your way to the top of; whatever ditch you feel hopelessly stuck in; whatever big thing is sitting on your chest weighing you down; It’s just a moment in time. It’s not permanent and it does not and will not define you.
One day you may even look back and smile remembering how you thought it would ruin you, yet here you are. You can’t stop all the big stuff from happening, but you can remind yourself that it’s just a sliver of your story and it will vanish into thin air becoming nothing more than an old picture.