Several months ago, I looked at my husband and was like, “what if we got a puppy?”
We already had two dogs (that I constantly complained about being too much work for me).
I’m certain Jason thought I needed an exorcism instead of a puppy. But he was into it with the disclaimer that it had to be a big dog. So we hatched all the plans, keeping it a surprise for the girls.
I took a 3ish hour road trip each way with my best friend, @marniw1974 to get this 22 lb “puppy” and immediately fell in love.
We pulled up to my house and the kids could not believe it. Just like that our little family was even more complete and definitely more crazy.
Our (huge) little boy is ONE today.
He has given us a run for our money.
He figured out how to put his snout right up to the sensor on the kitchen garbage and dumpster dive for some treats, like the entire chicken carcass I found in the middle of my kitchen floor this past week.
He gets REALLY mad when I leave and until the trainer encouraged us to crate him, was absolutely destroying my bedroom while I was gone. I’m talking ransacking the hamper, emptying toothpaste tubes, even relieving himself on my pillow.
He’s locked us all out of the house multiple times, including a brand new babysitter on night one of her career with us.
He loves to run around our backyard like a prized race horse and then jump in the pool (as I’m screaming noooooooooo) releasing a cloud of mud from his impossibly giant puppy paws in our perfectly clean crystal blue water.
He waits until the girls get up from the dining room table before making his swift ninja move to steal the rest of their food.
He’s insane. And mischievous. And a handful.
But he is the best thing to happen to us this pandemic. Especially me. He’s become my little sidekick and is more up my ass than my human children but I am so obsessed with him too. Best spontaneous decision ever.
We adore you and your crazy antics, Biggie Smalls Sobel. Happy 1st birthday ???? ❤️
Here come the terrible twos