Some of our secrets to a happy marriage:
1) Well, first it’s probably important to point out that since this is the second go around for both of us, we had much more clarity on what we wanted (and def didn’t want) in a partner.
2) We sleep with separate blankets.
3) We do not share a closet.
4) We have a healthy rotation of reality tv we love watching together, including but not limited to @loveisland , @jerseyshore and @bachelorabc / @bacheloretteabc
5) We have each other’s backs unconditionally.
6) We both have a mad love affair with really good food and plan a lot of our time around meals.
7) I’m the realist and he’s the optimist and it’s the perfect balance.
???? We are a blended family and stand united on kicking anyone to the curb who treats our girls differently. We do not tolerate even the slightest divisiveness.
9) We are both fluent in sarcasm.
10) We both make the other feel seen and heard. Period.
And ladies, a small word of advice. Marry the one who sees you eating your kid’s cold leftover Easy Mac, and finds you so irresistible in that moment that he can’t help but smack that ass. ????????????
???? cred: @esco_art